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First person video game made with Unity at the EESI in 2016. It's a serious game about the gap between how metropolises want to be seen, and how it really is.

I wanted to create a town like cities of the Arabian Gulf (Dubaï, Doha, Koweït...), but with no one. You can only explore this city, and listen to various soundscape. The goal is to show what we don't usually see, or what we deny to see with our eyes, using the sound. In these new big cities of Arabian Gulf, where everything is made to attract strangers, to make them want to live there, there's always a dark, if not inhuman, underside.


You can play with a video game controller or WASD on your keyboard. It's better to play with an audio headset.


Colette Paugame - made with Unity


Envers du décor.zip 60 MB

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