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Faits Divers is a serious game made in one day at the EESI in 2014.

Video Game in which I have chosen to speak about a highly polemical event which occurred at the time in the United States: the killing of two unarmed black people by white American policemen. Those two black men were Eric Garner, killed in New-York in July 2014, and Michael Brown, killed in august 2014 in Ferguson. Since the two policemen who killed them had more or less legitimate reasons to do so, they were not found guilty.


In the game Faits divers, the player takes control of an armed policeman. He can shoot by clicking on the left button of the mouse. The player can also move the policeman with the arrow keys of the keyboard.

The player's goal is to shoot armed people. It takes three bullets to kill an armed person, whether he is black or white. However, he must be precautious; a stray bullet can be deadly for an unarmed person.


Colette Paugame - made with Construct 2

Install instructions

Open the zip folder and click on the index file. The game will be played in your browser. If a message appears just click on "OK"


Faits_Divers.zip 592 kB

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